Our VS-21 series panels are specifically designed to replace the outmoded VS-17 panel, which are NOT thermally capable. The VS-17 is comprised of an orange and pink canvas material, which can brighten up your day but aren't particularly helpful if you want to own the night.

The Problem:

As recently as December 2002, the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) was wrestling with this issue. As a "Need Emphasis" for Lane Marking, the Center stated:

"Marking devices need to be visible under a variety of conditions, including night operations, inclement weather, obscurants, and when buttoned up in tracked vehicles. Using the VS-17 panel to mark everything is not productive and should be managed rigorously by all leaders."

Combat Training Center CTC Bulletin 02-17

'Owning the Night' should mean that your tools aren't going to disappear (see below for example of the ineffective VS-17 thermal signature).

Our forces need an anti-frat and signaling panel which is going to be seen in all operating environments.

The Solution:

The VS-21 panel consists entirely of "NPT No Power Thermal" material, specifically designed for viewing through standard thermal sights. Running 6' x 2', about the same size as the venerable VS-17, one side of our anel is a bright orange. The other side of the VS-21 is your choice of a solid woodland green or desert brown. This allows the VS-21 to clearly display a thermal signature to friendly forces, while simultaneously presenting a camouflage effect to the opposing force.

In addition to visibility through standard thermal sights, we offer an option which allows the panel to be seen using standard night vision goggles which have active IR illuminators.

VS-21 Orange Side (all no power thermal)

VS-21 through M1 Thermals (black hot): Lower center. Compare to non-thermal VS-17, lower left shadow.

VS-21 Solutions Grid*:

NATO Stock #
VS-21 Choice of Tan, Forest Green, Orange
NPT No Power Thermal Both Sides; Night Vision Optional
VS-20 Choice of Tan, Forest Green, Orange NPT Desert, Woodland, or Digital UCP Camo No Power Thermal Material Lightweight, Tough Ripstop Nylon (Dayglo Orange and Lime)
VS-18 Fluorescent Orange Ripstop Fluorescent Lime Ripstop
Ripstop Nylon; reinforcement & vacuum packing optional
8345016018166 (reinforced+vacuum packed version)
VS-17 Orange Pink 2'x6'

* Minimum orders may apply to certain configurations. 2'x6' stock size on all panels. Custom size and color combinations available on request. Night vision reflective patches (aka "glint") optional.

VS-17 = Ineffective with Thermal Sights

The VS-17 panel is in the foreground of the following picture. Watch what happens when you turn on your thermal sights. Simply click on the panel, and hope you don't need your VS-17 in a pinch !!! These photos are from the same position, one regular daylight photo, and the second through a FLIR. As you will see, the VS-17 becomes virtually invisible and totally ineffective through a FLIR sight.

(Unretouched photos. Click picture to see IR image. Mouse off the photo to return to the original image)