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Our initial and primary goal was to develop a marking system for the reduction of fratricide on the battlefield. Judging from your response to our products, we have dramatically succeeded!

After extensive research and development, we sought and obtained a United States Patent on our Battlefield Reference Marking Systems (BRMS®), #5326265. BRMS® hit the market in 1993. At this time, there are over 7000 BRMS® panels in use by the United States Military. While other suggestions and ideas work their way into our system, the BRMS® panels remain our flagship product line.


In response to customer demand, we've expanded our number of panel styles to 7, not including custom or special orders. We have also expanded our product line to include range markers; replacements for the outmoded VS-17 panel; improved AAC panels; and infantry IFF thermal products.

We can ship most pre-paid orders within 24 Hours, and will accept Government Purchase Orders, Check, VISA and MasterCard.

Most BRMS® panel styles have N.S.N.Numbers for your ordering convenience. Consult your National Stock Number (NSN) Catalog for purchases using this system.  NB:  NSN orders through the Defense General Supply Center system generally require up to 6 week delivery, and are more expensive. See our Order page for more information.


Let us know what you need, and we will see if we can make it happen! We have a constant stream of new products working their way through our R&D department. We're currently working on the Individual Combat Identification System (ICIS®) for use by the individual soldier. Our new SIRS and Range Markers reflect this ongoing commitment to the soldier.

YOU are where our future lies!


If you have used or received any of our product lines and have found deficiencies or subquality, please email the QA/QC support team at BRMS® and describe exactly what you found wrong with the panel (e.g. grommets missing, velcro not stitched or stitching failed, etc.) We are dedicated to bringing you the best product available, and would like to know of these situations. We will do our best to remedy any deficiencies.

Feel free to drop us a line for any other support needs you may have.

**Of course, we always welcome compliments and suggestions!**

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