M1-A2 / 120mm


Stryker MGS / 105mm


Our AAC Armament and Accuracy Check panels are identical to the standard Milspec AAC panels in all respects but one: You can easily roll these up and take them with you.

Designed specifically for portability when speed and accuracy are paramount, you can avoid all the costly time delays inherent to using the traditional AAC panel. You no longer have to scrounge large sheets of plywood, and you can assign your people to more important tasks than painstaking stencil work. We've done that work for you!

Each panel is made of durable, pliable, and stretch resistant stadium banner material. They mount quickly to any available structure using cable ties, shock or parachute cord with the grommets that are mounted around the panel's periphery.

The size of the panel is 60" x 106" (5' x 11'10"). All lettering, spacing, location, and cross-hatches are exact as specified by the US Army Field Manuals for these items.