The patented Battlefield Reference Marking Systemtm is comprised of a series of foldable nylon panels which are easily deployed in the field.  The panels have unique signatures on both the front "friendly" side and the back "enemy" side.

The front side contains a section of specially designed desert tan or woodland dark green thermal material (no power supply required), overlaid on a "Day-Glo" orange background, which is visible with:

With these visibility characteristics, BRMS® can be used for almost all your battlefield and operational area marking requirements.

One of the primary uses of the system is as a series of Target Reference Points, used to help targeting as the enemy approaches your position.   In order to prevent detection, the back side contains a simple but unique "T-Back" camouflage system.  This allows for deployment of the system to two different operational or combat environments (i.e. desert and woodland on the same panel), which prevents unnecessary procurement.


The T-Back enemy-facing side of a BRMS panel, with our unique dual-camouflage system.

BRMS normally ships with a desert & woodland T-Back camouflage combo. Be sure to inquire for other camouflage options. Also, ask us about our economical single camo flatback versions!

"While we were testing at the NTC we couldn't find our test panels from the enemy side until we almost drove over them. The camouflage worked that well."

- John Lenahan, Photographer

Woodland Camo    Desert Camo


Optical Characteristics

  • Day-Glo Orange and Dark Green for daytime visibility (unaided) to 3000+ Meters
  • Reverse polarity no power thermal image for limited visibility conditions to 3800+ meters
  • Reflective near-IR elements for night vision goggle & equipment beyond 4000 meters
  • Single or dual camouflage backing for woodland or desert terrain reduces BRMS® signature from the enemy side.


  • 48" x 48" open (24" x 24" for VIP Panels)
  • 16" x 16" x 4" folded into their own attached storage pouch
    - Storage pouch not available on smaller panels
  • Weight: Approximately 36 ounces

Historical Patent & Trademark Information

  • United States Patent # 5326265
  • German Patent # G 94 21 017.9
  • United States Registered Trademark # 1889204